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You’ll find all the right looks at JCPenney Optical’s Fashion Blog. Our fashion insiders are blogging about eyewear products that reflect the latest trends and complement your unique style.

  • VIRAL: What Color is This Dress?

    Written by mmcgroary | February 27, 2015

    black and blue white and gold dressEye test! What color is this dress?

    This viral photo has been making it’s waves across social media. So what color is it? Some people are interpreting it as white and gold, whereas others are seeing black and blue. While some are seeing both.

    The image first appeared on Tumbler. A user asked Tumbler users to help prove what color the dress is to solve the mystery. The internet soon was flooded with the image and people claiming the dress was either black and blue or white and gold.

    Soon after, explanations for the major difference in colors started circling. So why are some people seeing the dress as gold and white, and others are seeing blue and black?

    Basically our retinas are made up of cones and rods. The cones interpret colors and the rods interpret shades. With the combination of light, your eyes form the colors that you see everyday.

    According to the test, if you see Blue and Black: “Your retina’s cones are more high functioning, and this results in your eyes doing subtractive mixing.”

    If you are seeing White and Gold: “your eyes don’t work well in dim light so our retinas rods see white, and this makes them less light sensitive, causing additive mixing, (that of green and red), to make gold.”

    Here’s the full explanation from @andyrexford on Twitter:

    dress explanation

    So what color do you see?

  • Night Vision Problems While Driving

    Written by Annie Raykher | February 24, 2015

    Night Driving Vision Woes

    If you experience vision issues at night – such as blurriness, glare and multiple images – while seemingly having great eyesight in the daytime, you are not alone. Vision problems at night, particularly while driving, are prevalent among the general population. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Mubashra Tahir and Dr. Andrew Bock – two awesome optometrists who practice at JCP Optical locations across the country – to gain a more thorough understanding of how to deal with such issues.

    Dr. Bock explained that as people age, cataracts will sometimes form that dim night vision and can make glare worse. According to Dr. Tahir, there may also be other diseases at the root of nighttime driving issues. While they are rare, it is certainly worth getting a comprehensive eye exam just to be sure.

    Both doctors commented that age is not the only factor contributing to nighttime driving issues. Younger patients have this issue as well, particularly if they are nearsighted, says Dr. Tahir. Working at your laptop for too long without a break, for instance, can contribute to dry eyes, thereby worsening glare at night, says Dr. Bock. In addition, exposure to UV rays, as a result of not properly protecting eyes with sunglasses when outdoors, can contribute to these issues as well. Finally, as Dr. Tahir points out, sometimes even wearing your contacts for too long, or not having the perfect fit, can make the cornea swell leading to vision issues at night.

    So if you are plagued with these issues, what can you do? Your first goal is to schedule an eye exam ASAP. At the appointment, your doctor will perform a comprehensive eye exam to gain an understanding of what is going on with your eyesight as well as to rule out any other serious underlying causes. Then, you will be prescribed special lenses, called anti-glare or non-glare, to diffract light enabling you to see more. A clear coating is applied to the top of the lens, or built within the lens itself, to reduce reflections off the lenses.


    anti-reflective glasses
    Not sure if your glasses already have this coating? Just hold them up to a light. Is there a reflection coming back onto the lens? If there is, then you do not have this special coating. Once you get this coating for your lenses, you will see what a huge difference it will make in all nighttime activities. Happy driving!

  • nicole by Nicole Miller Pinterest Contest

    Written by Annie Raykher | January 30, 2015

    The budding (read: wannabe) fashion designer in me is jumping for joy! Nicole Miller and JCPenney Optical are teaming up to launch a contest that is worthy of some serious mention…and participation!

    Think of it as a digital version of Project Runway – complete with a talented group of judges, an upcoming launch that will be sure to wow any specthusiast, and awesome prizes galore. If your board is chosen by Nicole Miller as the best inspiration for her upcoming launch, you will win a pair of Nicole by Nicole Miller frames, a $200 JCPenney gift card and, of course, some serious bragging rights.

    Check out the video featuring
    fashion designer Nicole Miller!

    The steps are super easy:

    1) Create a board on Pinterest and name it Nicole by Nicole Miller Spring Collection Contest

    2) Pin colors, patterns and anything you think will inspire Nicole as she designs her spring collection

    3) Go to the JCPenney Optical Facebook page and fill out the entry form, or click here

    Our team got the opportunity to visit Nicole Miller at her design studio in New York and it was pretty awesome to spend the day with a real life fashion designer. We learned how she gets inspired and I can’t say we didn’t swoon when she expressed her love for eyewear in particular.

    After our day with Nicole, I felt so inspired that I couldn’t wait to put my board together. Here is a snapshot! So, what are YOU waiting for? Jump on this now!


    nicole by nicole miller pinterest contest

  • How To Take The Best Selfie

    Written by Annie Raykher | January 23, 2015

    In 2013, to no one’s surprise, the word SELFIE was proclaimed word of the year. As 2015 kicks into high gear, the term selfie shows no signs of slowing down. It is impressive to see that not only is the selfie still around, but it has gained even more momentum and has brought to the table new variations such as the ussie, the felfie, and my personal favorite, the belfie.

    I have been known to take more than the average number of ussies of my toddler and I because… a) he’s just so darn cute and b) I’d like to think that I am, after all, a hip mommy. However, what’s the good of a selfie if you can’t show it off to all your friends and family? Within seconds my ussie or selfie is on Instagram and/or Facebook, emailed to close family members, and then somehow sent it to the family members’ and friends’ not-so-close family members and friends. Before I know it, my selfie – in which I am dressed to the 9’s in sweats and my hair is in a messy bun, has been seen by hundreds of people. This made me realize that a selfie is no joke and I need to start taking them more seriously.

    So, without further ado, here are some tips on taking the best selfie:

    1)     Lighting, lighting, lighting

    Any good photographer knows that lighting is everything in a picture. How much more so is this the case when the picture is taken by a less than professional camera just a few inches from your face?!

    • If you are outside, face directly into or away from the sun. Aim for sunrise or sunset, as the other times of the day, particularly around noon, the position of the sun can cast a shadow on your face making it look like you haven’t slept in months. (I am a mom to a toddler so I haven’t slept in months but there is no need to broadcast that in a selfie!)
    • If you are inside, the best place to take a selfie is, of course, by a window.

    2)     Leave self-consciousness at the door

    A selfie is no place for shyness. This is your time to shine. So flash your best – and MOST NATURAL – smile and leave the pouty lips and any other unnecessary/embarrassing pose for the photo booth. If you do ever feel inclined to do something awkward with your hands and/or lips, don’t fret! Just put down your phone, give yourself a few minutes and try again once you have regained your composure.

    3)     This isn’t your driver’s license

    Please do not stare directly into the camera. Most people look their best when they turn a bit to the side.

    4)     Remind yourself that you are in control

    You can delete or send out any image you see fit. So relax, smile and rest assured that you will have taken and looked through at least a dozen photos before you find the perfect one.

    5)     De-clutter…or just hide it somewhere

    There’s nothing more distracting and DETRACTING in a selfie than a mess in the background. So do yourself and your fans a favor – pick a clean, relaxing background. Solid colored walls are ideal!

    6)     Edit!

    Use those apps to your advantage to highlight your beauty and, perhaps, low-light a feature that isn’t your fave.

  • Are you a Synesthete?

    Written by mmcgroary | January 16, 2015

    SynesthesiaWhat is Synesthete?

    Synesthesia is a unique neurological condition in which one sense, for example, hearing, is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. An example of a synesthetic perception is when a person sees a certain color in response to a letter, a number or a name. For instance, one might see the word “dog” as green, or the number “9” as pink. Some people also report hearing sounds in response to smell.

    If you are a synesthete, you would see the same color every time you hear a particular word or number. Or, if, in your case, synesthesia is associated with smell or emotion, you would sense the same smell or feel the same emotion in response to a certain word or number.

    According to studies, you are more likely to have synesthesia if you are:

    • A women
    • Left-handed
    • Of average or above average intelligence
    • Genetically predisposed

    There are a large number of people who might be synesthetes but are completely unaware of it. Neurological synesthesia is often diagnosed, or self-diagnosed, by very creative people as it is functions as a source of inspiration. Mary J. Blige and Pharrell Williams, for instance, claim to have synesthesia. Pharell’s album Seeing Sounds was based on his experience as a synesthete.

    So, don’t underestimate those peepers of yours – they might hold some truly magical powers. In the meantime, just have fun finding ways to further beautify yourself by dressing them up.

    Need to get your eyes examined? Schedule your appointment now.

  • Hairdos that look great with glasses

    Written by Annie Raykher | January 5, 2015

    hairstyles for glasses

    When people tell me I have a vision problem, I am always quick to point out that, in reality, I have a vision opportunity. Those without the aforementioned opportunity lack the creative freedom to change up their look just by switching out a frame or slightly modifying a hairstyle.

    There are no hard and fast rules about choosing eyewear based on your hairstyle. Instead, your hairstyle works to enhance the frames you have chosen based on face shape, complexion and eye color.

    Inspirational Hairstyles

    Down with the Fringe

    There are lots of opportunities for different looks with bangs. You can cover your forehead with your fringes, or you can leave them swept to the side. Either look will be great! Be sure, however, to avoid covering most of your face with your specs + fringes. One way to do this is to avoid long straight fringes.

    A Top Bun with Class

    A top bun is the easiest look to own on days when you just can’t be bothered. Everyone else will just think you have that chic ballerina look going. The sky’s the limit with a top bun because it allows most of the attention to be focused on that beautiful face of yours, so the frame style that you choose can really run the gamut.

    Hair Part-y

    Virtually any part you are in the mood for – middle, side to the left, side to the right, or deep side part will complement most frames. The best frame you can choose is the one that makes you feel positively gorgeous.

    Tips & Tricks

    • If you are trying to cover up those adorable laugh lines, choose wider temples and wider rims. You’ll look chic and glamorous and no one will have any idea that you’re hiding anything!
    • If you have a higher forehead, don’t fret! Take solace in the fact that you share this feature with many a Greek goddesses including Athena. Be sure to choose frames that cover your eyebrows to minimize the distance between your eyes and hairline.
    • If you have a slightly pointy chin, focus all the attention on those beautiful eyes of yours by choosing frames that are rounded at the bottom and intricate at the top.
    • If you have light or thin eyebrows, opt for a darker top frame and a lighter lower frame to create the illusion of eyebrows.
    • If you generally prefer larger framed glasses, try to keep your hair low volume to maintain proportionality. You can always just employ the #bighairdontcare motto and I will be right there with you cheering you on. If, however, you prefer smaller framed glasses, try to balance out the look with a more expressive hairstyle.
    • Remember to bring your specs with you when you get a haircut so that you, as well as the stylist, are taking your whole look into consideration. Bonus points if you prepare a few images from the past showing yourself with different hairstyles and different frames – it will really help get your stylist’s creative juices flowing.

    So, the next time someone tells you you’re overly obsessing about your glasses and/or hairstyle, just direct them here.

  • And the 2015 color of the year is…MARSALA!

    Written by Annie Raykher | December 24, 2014

    pantone's color of the year

    I wait with bated breath year after year around this time for the Pantone Color Institute to announce their pick for color of the year. In 2014, it was radiant orchid and the year prior it was a beautiful emerald. Within weeks, nay, days, the color tends to infiltrate fashion, beauty, and interior design. Ever since the Pantone announced Marsala as the official color of 2015, I have been in a marsala state of mind.

    This deep reddish-brown hue is rich in color and earthy in feel. Somehow it complements a variety of skin tones and is perfectly suitable for men and women alike. Marsala inspires color creativity, particularly with accessories and beauty. A pop of this bold hue on the lips or nails or a highlight on the cheeks can give you just the bit of drama you are looking for. Incorporating marsala into your eyewear of choice will warm up your complexion and add a sophisticated punch. What do you think about marsala?


  • Your Best Fit: Frames for your Complexion

    Written by Annie Raykher |

    skin complexion

    Your eyewear of choice should complement your skin tone. Complexions fall into one of two categories – warm (yellow) and cold (blue). Each category has a variety of undertones associated with it. A cool complexion has pink, red or blue undertones. If you fall into this category, your skin appears pink or beige. If you were to look under your wrist, your veins would appear mostly blue. A warm complexion, on the other hand, has yellow, gold or peach undertones and the skin tone appears more golden. If you were to look under your wrist, your veins would appear green. Regardless of your coloring, let us help you pick the frames that best accentuate that gorgeous face of yours!

    Light Skin Complexion

    Light with Warm Undertones

    Your best bet is to go for warm-toned neutrals such as blush or deeper shades like sangria.

    Light with Cool Undertones

    Your blue undertones will look best with rosy pinks or blues. Avoid yellowy greens and ambers.

    Medium Skin Complexion

    Medium with Warm Undertones

    Your yellow/green undertones can be best accentuated by soft greens or other warm tones such as an amber.

    Medium with Cool Undertones

    Look for bluish greens or reds with a blue undertone.

    Deep Skin Complexion

    Deep with Warm Undertones

    You have the option to go bright with an orange or deep with a mahogany.


    Lulu Guinness

    Deep with Cool Undertones

    Purples, blacks and dark greens will compliment your complexion.

  • Your Best Fit: Frames for your Eye Color

    Written by mmcgroary | December 11, 2014

    The next installment of our 4-part series is aimed at helping you pick frames that best accentuate your eye color. In the case of eye color dictating your frame choice, we say “You can’t go wrong but you CAN go right!” In other words, there are no hard and fast rules with regard to eye color but you can really give yourself an added boost if you pick a frame color that is complementary!

    Shes Got Eyes of the Bluest Skies

    blue eyes
    Your beautiful blue eyes will positively shine when paired with blue and grey tones. Add some nice contrast…with a rich brown or tortoise.

    Green Eyes, Youre the One that I Wanted to Find

    green eyes
    Striking as your green eyes are, they will coordinate beautifully with rich earthy colors in brown and gold tones. Add some nice contrast…with various shades of pink and purple tones.

    Behind these Hazel Eyes

    hazel eyes
    When you put on a frame in a deep green or brown, your remarkable hazel eyes will really make a statement.

    Brown Eyed Girl

    brown eyes
    The stunning intensity of your deep brown eyes will really be pronounced when with paired with warm tones. Add some nice contrast…with greens.

  • Where Brooklyn At?

    Introducing the New JCPenney Optical Store in Brooklyn

    Written by Annie Raykher | December 3, 2014

    We are excited to introduce our brand spanking new JCPenney Optical location in Brooklyn, NY!

    Resident blogger Annie Raykher went to check it out this week and here’s what she found…

    jcpenney OpticalA car enthusiast’s reaction to the new car smell is no match for my obsession with a new store. Like any good shopaholic, I am drawn to the smell of the new fabrics, the sheen of the sparkling floors, and of course, the opportunity to ogle all the new goodies.

    In the optical store, I was greeted by Tanisha, who was absolutely lovely and so knowledgeable. She allowed the fashionista in me to go wild as I tried on almost every pair of frames in the store.

    Part of my consultation was conducted while I was sitting on the acrylic chairs fitted with royal blue cushions – I felt super chic! Thanks to Tanisha, I was able to explain the look I was going for, meet with the Doctor of Optometry for my eye exam, and pick out (yet another) pair of eyeglasses. No, reader, I did not actually need new glasses but with holiday parties around the corner, I couldn’t possibly show up in last year’s frames, now could I?

    jcpenney optical

    We invite you to stop by and check it out for yourself!

    360 Gateway Drive
    Brooklyn, NY 11239
    Schedule your eye exam today!

    virtual try on

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