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You’ll find all the right looks at JCPenney Optical’s Fashion Blog. Our fashion insiders are blogging about eyewear products that reflect the latest trends and complement your unique style.

  • Sunglasses Pick of the Week

    Written by mmcgroary | August 22, 2014

    Roberto Steffani sunglasses are the winners for Pick of the Week! These men’s and women’s sunglasses are super trendy and fun. Don’t you agree?

    Women’s Pick of the Week

    Roberto Steffani

    These sensational sunwear frames are glamorous! They are sweet with a sunny touch. The flower cut-art on the frames temples will make you sparkle!

    Roberto Steffani sunglasses

    Men’s Pick of the Week

    Roberto Steffani

    A modern, classic look from Roberto Steffani. With a touch of interest along the temple, and a thick metal bridge that’s lightweight and fashionable that will never go out of style. This sunwear is the ultimate cool.

    Roberto Steffani sunglasses

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  • Mom’s Love JCPenney Optical Back To School Savings

    Written by mmcgroary | August 17, 2014

    Mommy Blogger, Joyce Brewer, is an Emmy award-winning TV journalist and is also a parenting talk show host. She was very excited to find out that JCPenney Optical is running a Back to School promotion for kids glasses. Her son has been seeing eye specialists for his near-sighted vision and his drooping eye. She was thrilled to learn that she could save! Her son, A.J., picked out a pair of Zack & Zoe frames. He was all smiles, and so was she!

    Kids Eyeglasses

    You can save too! Learn more about the Back to School savings running at JCPenney Optical! Click here. Browse our catalog of frames by clicking here.

    To read Joyce’s full review, click here.

  • Super Couponer Loves the Savings at JCPenney Optical

    Written by mmcgroary | August 15, 2014

    Beckee is a mother of 5, and three of her children wear glasses. This mommy blogger is an avid deal hunter. With a large family, Beckee had to find ways to save. After learning about “Super Couponing” Beckee became a shopping and saving expert. After learning about the JCPenney Optical Back to School promotion, she was thrilled to post about it on her blog.

    “I have to admit that I was hesitant about this deal. It seemed too good to be true,” said Beckee. After shopping around and picking a pair of glasses out for her son, she was left with a penny on her $30 gift card! Read about her full experience here.

    JCPenney Optical is running a Back to School Event. Save $29.99 on a pair of kids glasses! Get kids frames for $29.99! Any kids frame up to $120 with FREE impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses, FREE UV protection, and FREE eyeglass protection plan! Get the details here.

  • Back to School Savings Review

    Written by mmcgroary |

    Mommy blogger, Samara, visits JCPenney Optical and shares her experiences. “Glasses can be quite expensive,” said Samara. “Kids aren’t always very careful with the very expensive investment.” Luckily for Samara, JCPenney Optical’s Back to School Promotion helped save her big time!

    Kids Wearing Glasses

    Check out her full review by clicking here.

    JCPenney Optical is running a great Back to School offer for kids glasses. Get kids frames for $29.99! Any kids frame up to $120 with FREE impact and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses, FREE UV protection, and FREE eyeglass protection plan! Get the details here.

  • Top Pins This Week on Pinterest

    Written by mmcgroary |

    JCPenney Optical brings you the top 5 pins this week on Pinterest. Follow us on Pinterest for more trending topics! Click here.


    Lulu Guinness – L 839 – Women’s Glasses

    Lulu Guinness, a British fashion designer, is best known for her stylish handbags and accessories. Her iconic designs and flair for vintage fashion lends inspiration to her new eyewear brand. Glamorous and whimsically charming, this is a fun and modern collection.

    AJ 143

    a.n.a – AJ 143 – Women’s Glasses

    Classy and refined, this semi rimless frame from a.n.a has a look that means business. A Flex-Hinge feature enhancement is perfect for comfort and wear. These frames accommodate progressive lenses.

    Nicole by Nicole Miller glasses

    Nicole by Nicole Miller – NM 05 – Women’s Glasses

    Nicole by Nicole Miller eyeglasses offer femininity and class. The modern shape of this frame makes it perfect for every occasion.


    Arizona – AZC 226 – Kids Glasses

    These kids glasses offer fun, bright colors with embellished temples of design, and a comfortable Flex-Hinge.


    Stafford – SJ 26 – Men’s Glasses

    A frame full of personality! This style takes us back to the classic era, but is loaded with modern perks! Flex-Hinge feature for optimal durability. These frames accommodate progressive lenses.

  • 5 Foods That Are Benefical For Your Eye Health

    Written by mmcgroary | August 6, 2014

    Certain antioxidants in foods can lower your risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. Macular degeneration is a medical condition that affects adults causing loss of vision. It is the leading cause of blindness for people over the age of 55. Cataracts is when your vision clarity fades and your eyes begin to cloud, causing your vision to deteriorate, and can cause blindness. If your family history includes macular degeneration or cataracts it is important that you start to take the steps to prevent this from happening to you.

    Antioxidants found in certain foods can help improve your eyesight. They won’t be able to correct your eyes, but they certainly can keep your eyes from getting worse. Here are the top antioxidant-filled foods that will help improve your eyesight:

    Carrots are packed with beta-carotene and when ingested, convert to Vitamin A. This combination of antioxidants is beneficial for your eye’s health and will keep your immunity system strong. Eat a few servings of this a day and you will get great results for your vision.

    Broccoli is packed with Vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin – a combination of antioxidants that will protect the cells in your eyes from becoming damaged. Broccoli will help prevent and slow down macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

    Pop Eye had it right! Not only is spinach a great source for protein, it’s also loaded with nutrients that will lower your risk of macular degeneration. Also packed with Lutein and Zeaxanthin which absorbs 40-90% of blue light intensity – acting like a sunscreen for your eyes. Try to include spinach in your diet on a daily basis.

    Turkey has a lot of zinc. Zinc is found in the retina and by eating foods rich in zinc, you will help the enzymes in your eyes to be healthy. If you mix turkey in a salad with other rich greens you’ve got a recipe for better eye vision!

    Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Regularly eating foods with omega-3 fats will protect the blood vessels in your eyes. Omega-3 fats can also help dry eyes. Your retinal pigment cells become protected when you ingest omega-3 fatty acids and can reduce macular degeneration by 30%. Are you not a fan of fish? You can find omega-3 from walnuts or ground flaxseed!

    What healthy foods do you like to eat that is beneficial for your eye health?

  • Mommy Blogger Reviews JCPenney Optical

    Written by mmcgroary | August 5, 2014

    Jessica, a mommy blogger for 4 Crazy Girls, recently reviewed JCPenney Optical. Jessica is a mother of four. She has a passion for writing and loves her family. For JCPenney Optical’s Back to School promotion, Jessica was eager to get her daughter a pair of glasses. She voiced her opinion and we are delighted that she did:

    We arrived a little early for our appointment, it was my daughters 1st time having an eye exam and she was a little nervous. We checked out all of the frames and she settled on one pair and was pretty adamant about this one pair too – this was it.

    Be sure to check out Jessica’s blog post and full review of her trip to JCPenney Optical by clicking here.

    JCPenney Optical is running a Back to School Event! You can get a complete pair of kids designer eyeglasses for just $29.99! This includes any kids frame up to $120, Free Impact & scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses, FREE UV protection and FREE eyeglasses protection plan for any school aged child 16 & under.

    Jessica’s daughter looks great!

    4 Crazy Girls
    Be sure to book your exam for Back to School Savings at JCPenney Optical. Book your appointment now. You’ll find a wide selection of kid’s frames! Get your kids frames for $29.99. Get the details here.

  • Eye Routines to Improve Your Eyesight

    Written by mmcgroary | August 1, 2014

    Are you spending long hours staring into a computer screen? Staring at a computer can put strain on your eyes. It’s important to take a break and let your eyes rest. Just by closing your eyes for a few seconds, you can help relieve eyestrain. Here are a few eye routines that you should test out:

    Cucumbers on Eyes

    Treat your eyes to a warm compress to relax.
    Doing this at least once a week (or daily!) can help relieve eyestrain. Give yourself a facial massage while you have the compress over your face. Use circular motions. Try massaging your temples and your eyebrows. Gently massage your eye lids.

    Sometimes we may get way into a movie scene or a paper we are writing on our computer – but remember to blink!
    If you are not blinking you are letting your eyes drain of moister. Blink away! This will bring moister back to your eyes immediately. Your eyes, much like your body, need to relax. After an hour of working on your computer, take a break. Close your eyes for 15-30 seconds to give your eyes a refresh.

    Just like exercising your body – it is also important to exercise your eyes.
    Your eyes can become strained for multiple reasons – especially if you sit at a computer all day. To avoid strain of the eyes, give your eyes a workout. Move your eyes up, down, and to the sides to help keep them flexible. Roll your eyes around clockwise, then counterclockwise. Try this about 5-10 times. Then without moving your head, try spelling out words with your eyes.

    Computer Tip.
    Lower the monitor brightness on your computer screen to help relieve eyestrain. The brightness of your computer can be overbearing to your eyesight.

    Strengthen your focus.
    Stare at an object that is some distance from you. Then focus on a closer object. The purpose of this exercise is to improve your focusing abilities. Try doing this 10 times.

    Take a break.
    Relax and place cucumber slices on your eyes. The cucumbers have a natural anti-inflammatory effect, which will reduce any puffiness in your eyes. Additionally, it has a high water content that will help hydrate your eyes.

    Wash your contacts.
    If you are a contact lens wearer, it is important that you clean them properly. Dispose of contacts when necessary. To learn more about contacts, click here.

    Sleep is the most essential way to let your body heal.
    Always get 8 hours of sleep! The more sleep you get, the better rest and relaxed you will feel.

    Do you have an eye exercise we didn’t list? Share your exercise with us and you could be featured on our Facebook page!

  • Improve Your Eyesight With Yummy Treats!

    Written by mmcgroary | July 8, 2014

    Smoothies are great sources for healthy vitamins! They also are yummy! Check out some of these delicious treats that are packed with vitamins that are beneficial for your eyes. Enjoy!

    Watermelon Smoothies


    Watermelon and strawberries contain lots of Vitamins. Including Vitamins A, B, & C. The properties of these vitamins help support better eyesight, provide antioxidants to keep your blood vessels healthy, and can prevent cancers. Not only will this drink help support better eyesight, it will help boost your energy! [Credit: Click here]

    2 cups watermelon (cubed so it is easier to blend)
    5 frozen strawberries
    ½ cup coconut water
    Place all of these ingredients into your blender and you’ve got yourself a yummy treat!


    Did you know that bananas are filled with antioxidants that can help improve your eyesight? Bananas are packed with Vitamin A, which can help improve night blindness and improve your overall eye health. [Credit: Click here]

    2   whole Chiquita Bananas, peeled and chopped
    (Room temperature or frozen. If room temperature add some ice to make the drink chilled)

    1   large Peach, peeled and sliced
    1   (6-oz.) carton nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt
    1   dash Nutmeg to add a kick of flavor
    Place all of these ingredients into your blender and drink up!


    This smoothie is high in fiber and filled with yummy! Are you not a fan of spinach? You would have no idea that this smoothie had any spinach at all! Spinach is a great resource of nutrients. It also has antioxidants that protect your eyes from macular degeneration, which is deterioration of the eyes from age. [Credit: Click here]

    2 cups spinach
    ½ cucumber (sliced)
    ¼ head of celery
    ½ bunch parsley
    1 bunch mint
    3 carrots (cut into smaller pieces)
    2 apples (dice up the apple)
    ¼ orange (peel and pull apart)
    ¼ lime
    ¼ lemon
    ¼ pineapple (chopped into pieces)
    Blend together and induldge in this yum-tastic drink

  • Protecting Your Eyes for Summer Time

    Written by mmcgroary | June 18, 2014

    June is Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Month, and JCPenney Optical wants to remind you of the dangers these rays can cause

    UV Protection

    UV rays are damaging to your skin and to your eyes. The best way to protect you from these damaging rays is by wearing sunscreen and UV protected sunglasses. Unprotected eyes can result in corneal damage, premature development of cataracts, and other eye disorders.

    Did you know that sunglasses without an Ultra Violet Treatment can actually increase UV exposure? The dark tint of plain sunglasses allows the pupil to open wider, thus allowing more harmful UV rays to pass through the eye.

    For those who wear contact lenses:

    If you choose not to wear prescription glasses and wear contacts, you still should consider wearing non-prescription sunglasses with UV protected lenses. Contacts won’t give you UV protection, so it is important that you wear sunglasses with UV protection as well.

    At JCPenney Optical, we offer many different lens types. Be sure to get lenses that offer UV treatments so that you know your eyes will stay protected. To view all of our lens options, click here.

    Remember to schedule an eye appointment! Get your prescription today from your local JCPenney Optical store. Already have a prescription? Bring it in and find your favorite designer brand name eyewear.

    For the month of June, we are running a special! Purchase a complete pair of clear eyeglasses or sunglasses for $97.99*. Click here for more details.

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