3 Minute Morning Makeup Routine

Written by Lisa DiMauro | October 9th, 2017


My hiatus from applying makeup after my son was born lasted a bit longer than I care to admit. The less than a handful of instances I actually took the time to put on makeup was for events and my husband reacted as if he didn’t recognize me…in a good way. These interactions coupled with finally getting into a quasi-parenting groove nudged me back to my old ways. However, I knew I had to do some adjusting to my routine, particularly when my son started becoming mobile. Thanks to my past in the beauty world, I knew which steps were not to be missed and which I could skimp on. Here is my guide to the 3 minute morning makeup routine:

  • Always start with a nourishing moisturizer based on your skin type and apply immediately after washing your face in order to maximize absorbency.
  • Next I like to put on some sort of light to medium coverage foundation depending on the day I will have as well as the status of my skin. I only take the time to apply it to areas of redness in order to speed up the process. I make sure to include my eyelids in my foundation application as that helps shadow adhere.
  • After the foundation has set, I apply just a bit of shadow to wake up my eyes and cover up my ultra veiny eyelids.
  • Finally, I finish off with a swab of mascara.
  • When I actually remember, I dust on a bit of bronzer and blush (but that happens about 2-3 days a week)
  • My last step is a trick that is pretty obvious but might not be something you think about readily. I make sure to put on the frames that make sense for the day. I find that this always freshens up my look even more and deceives people into thinking that I actually have time/energy to apply makeup or even to – dare I say – sleep.

It took a bit longer than 3 minutes at first, but now that I have gotten used to it, it typically takes even less time! Let me know how it works out for you or if you have any tips for a quick morning routine based on your own personal experience!

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