Seasonal Trends: Librarian Chic

Written by Lisa DiMauro | July 26th, 2017


The dichotomy of librarian chic is precisely what makes the coveted look so appealing. When I was 8 years old, my grandfather picked me up at the school bus stop every Wednesday at 5 on the dot. We would then head over to the Brooklyn library on Kings Highway and Ocean Avenue to return last week’s books and to pick up some new treasures. I remember the librarian, Mrs. Sheila, helping me sort through all the categories and authors. She was a kindly woman with wrinkles and oval shaped spectacles. She was never mean, never pushy and always helpful. So you can only imagine my surprise when, following the most recent fashion weeks, I learned that “librarian chic” ruled the runways. It seemed to me to be a contradictory term as all I could think of when I heard librarian was sweet ole’ Mrs. Sheila.

Not wanting to be behind the fashion eight ball, I dove right in to understand what this look entails. It’s prim, but saucy, restrained yet extroverted. Librarian chic is a fitted cardigan, a posh blouse, and a skirt that is long enough to be considered demure but form fitting enough to turn heads. Unlike Mrs. Sheila’s warm, grandmotherly look, librarian chic is modern, sexy and totally vintage. And what would this look be without the quintessential librarian chic item – the cat eye frame.


With their angular features, cat eye frames pack a powerful trifecta of talent including lengthening and thinning the face, highlighting the eyes and softening the cheekbones. This is great news for all you gals with a heart or round shaped face: these frames were made with your beautiful features in mind! (Although, I have an oval-shaped face and I find that I can rock cat eyed frames as well as the next chica.)

Check out all the cat-eyed frames JCPenney Optical has to offer and come in for an eye exam and frame fitting!

Stay glassy,

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