10 Makeup Tips for the Spectacled Gal

Written by Lisa DiMauro | June 29th, 2017

healthI can’t deny that I often use my beautiful frames to get away with minimal to no makeup. It is both a blessing and a curse because, on the one hand, as a mama, I have very little time (read: motivation) to apply makeup so my eyewear – when chosen correctly – doubles as a fantastic crutch to get me through the day. It is an intentional artful carelessness, if you will. However, the former beauty junkie deep down does not allow me to feel fully functional unless I have at least the minimal amount of makeup on.

We have all heard that “getting dressed for battle” from the very morning is the first tool in ensuring a successful day. I agree with this statement, and, as time has gone by, I have added makeup application as well as, of course, my eyewear choice to my toolbox. A bit of makeup goes a long way in telegraphing your mood and intentions. Here are some handy dandy makeup tips to make the most of your eyewear…

makeup tip #1: Invest in a concealer

While I often try to hide my dark circles and potentially puffy eyes behind frames, I must admit that my eye area is certainly more noticeable simply because my frames are so beautiful (if I do say so myself) so more attention is drawn to my eyes. A good concealer can hide circles, brighten eyes and make you look and feel fresh.

makeup tip #2: Keep your eyebrows looking fab

The importance of a well-manicured brow became very clear to me early on in life. This is the one area of my beauty world I only trust to professionals to handle because, eyebrows, like specs, help to frame your face. When used correctly in tandem, they combine superpowers of the totally fabulous kind.

makeup tip #3: Highlight the area under your eyes

A teensy bit of highlighter can go a long way to give you that fresh look after a night of toddler waking up baby or vice versa…errrr I meant partying.

makeup tip #4: Define your eyes

Use mascara and eyeliner to balance out your frames with your eyes. I have noticed that many of my spec-a-nista friends also prefer to wear waterproof eye makeup because they find that frames cause their eye makeup to run significantly more.

makeup tip #5: thick frames=thick eyeliner

Going off of tip #4, it is important to remember that the thickness of your eyeliner can be guided by the thickness of your frame. So, in order to balance out a thicker frame, be prepared to apply a thicker liner!

makeup tip #6: eyeshadow should stop with the frame line

This is one of the most important tips because, in addition to not being very obvious, it is also quite difficult to adhere to. Without frames, you have quasi-free reign with your eyeshadow but you have to be a bit more conservative when wearing frames so as to avoid looking like you are overdoing it.

makeup tip #7: Your eyelash curler is your best friend

Taking the extra 15 seconds to curl your lashes will open up your eyes and keep your lashes from being compressed by your frames. Win-win!

makeup tip #8: do not match your eyeshadow to your frames

While this certainly isn’t a hard and fast rule, I tend to err on the side of less matchy matchy when it comes to my makeup and frame colors. I think this is a biased tip and I have seen plenty of women matching shadow to their frames all the while looking absolutely fabulous, but it just doesn’t work for me. Feel free to experiment at your leisure!

makeup tip #9: bold lips

A bold lip can go a long way and has an enchanting effect when coupled with a trendy pair of frames. Fearlessly allow yourself to choose from bright hues like reds, corals and pinks.

makeup tip #10: don’t forget the blush

One day many many moons ago, I came into work and was hastily pulled to the side by our amazing makeup director. He explained to me that he was scheduled to film a .com shoot showing makeup application techniques but the model simply did not show up. He asked if I would be interested to be his face. After doing a simultaneous external and internal happy dance, I excitedly obliged. Unfortunately, the film never made the final cut but I did learn one very important lesson that day: blush is your best friend. It keeps you looking healthy, chic, and put together!

Check out our next blog for more beauty tips!

Stay glassy,

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