Winter 2014 Trend: Keyhole Frames

Written by Lisa DiMauro | December 4th, 2013

Eye-wear that features keyhole-nose bridges continues to be a growing trend for the Fall/Winter of 2013 heading into 2014. These frames are a great way to sport a vintage accessory that also offers a tip of the hat to modern fashion. Celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Kate Hudson have been rocking keyhole frames everywhere from the silver screen to the red carpet.

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Spring 2013 Trend: Flower Power

Written by Lisa DiMauro | February 21st, 2013

Floral prints have been ruling the runway lately and eyewear is no exception.Simple and tasteful frames, like the a.n.a frames above, maintain subtle elegance around the lenses but feature a beautiful and attention-grabbing floral print along the temples.

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Spring 2013 Trend: The Cat’s Meow

Written by Lisa DiMauro | February 12th, 2013

Cat eye glasses have been a fashion staple since the days of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. 2013 has already seen a bevy of celebrities rocking these feline frames like musicians, Katy Perry and Mary J. Blige. These Max Cole frames feature the classic cat eye shape with the addition of colorful stripes for a modern flair!

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