Vision Insurance Hero Image
Vision Insurance Hero Image

Vision insurance benefits: Why now is the perfect time to use them

If you have opted into your employer-sponsored vision plan, you’ve already paid for your vision benefits. Most employers start their vision plan benefits on a calendar year cycle.

How do I use my vision insurance benefits?

Taking advantage of your health insurance is easy! Follow these simple steps to make sure you maximize the benefits you’ve earned.

1. Log in to your insurance carrier’s website to see your plan details

Many carriers include a “BENEFIT PLAN SHEET” that provides a great overview of the benefits you are eligible to receive. Familiarize yourself with the details of your plan and any out of pocket costs you may incur.

2. Find a participating provider

Once you understand your benefits, it’s time to use them! JCPenney Optical accepts most major vision insurance plans. Already have your prescription? Simply bring it with you when you visit. Need an eye exam first? Many JCPenney Optical locations have doctors on site. Why not schedule an eye exam today.

3. Place your order and sport your specs

Our Optical associates will be happy to help you maximize your benefits and find the perfect pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses!

Vision Insurance Glasses
Vision Insurance Glasses

Why should I take advantage of my employer’s vision insurance plan?

While plans vary based on insurance carrier and employer, most offer a variety of benefits to keep your eyes healthy, including:

Annual eye exam

to screen for changes in prescription as well as detection/prevention of other eye conditions.

Annual update to corrective lenses

to be used towards the purchase of eyeglasses OR contact lenses.*

Update to eyeglass frames

offered annually OR once every two-year benefit period, depending on your plan*

*Frame allowance, contact lens allowance, and eyeglass lens coverage varies by plan. Most vision insurance plans cover up to $130 on contact lens supplies OR eyeglass frames. Standard eyeglass lenses are covered at 100%, but there may be additional out of pocket expenses for certain lens options or specialty lenses. Some of the larger insurance carriers have negotiated discounted rates with providers for these types of options.

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