Tips To Have a Productive Work Week

Written by Lisa DiMauro | March 23rd, 2015

After what is hopefully a fun-filled relaxing weekend, it can be pretty hard getting back into the swing of things. However, research shows that developing – and keeping – a good morning routine can lead to increased productivity all day. Establishing a routine allows it to become so ingrained in your way of life that what once seemed like an impossible time-consuming feat (i.e. going to the gym in the morning) becomes second nature. Here are some tips to help you get charged for a super productive day:

Prep for the AM starts in the PM


  • Write out to do list for next day
  • Prepare your outfit, accessories including frames, jewelry and shoes. Review your clothing for any stains and be sure your outfit doesn’t need to be ironed. Check the weather and pack an umbrella if it will rain.
  • Get some shut eye. Your chances at a good morning, and therefore a productive day, start the night before. Prioritize sleep so that you are getting at least 7 hours every night. It also helps to stick to a similar bedtime and wake-up time as that will train your body to get tired at the same time daily and feel well rested and ready to take on the day in the mornings.

Establish a healthy routine

working out routine

  • Gym
  • Breakfast
  • Meditate / Goal setting for the day
  • Consult to do list and map out my day

When you get to work:

working on laptop

  • Tackle the most difficult project first so you can get it out of the way
  • Take breaks
  • Reward yourself

Try this for a week or two and let us know how it goes. Still having trouble hitting your mid-morning or even late afternoon stride?…

Tune in to our custom made playlist to get you going!

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