What Your Glasses Say About You

Written by Lisa DiMauro | April 1st, 2015

“For the apparel oft proclaims the man…”
– Shakespeare

If clothes maketh the man, then glasses certainly maketh the woman. Judging a book by its cover takes on new meaning when it comes to your specs. Whether your artfully honed aesthetic is ambiguously austere, achingly cool or sartorially rebellious, you can rest assured that your frames are defining to the world just exactly who are you…or whom you’d like to be on that particular day.

Here is my round up of the types of frames you can find and what they say about your personality…

The You-Mean-Business frames

If you want to be taken seriously by colleagues and/or prospective clients, you’re probably wearing frames that are classic in shape (oval or rectangle) and traditional in color (black, gold, silver, gray, or brown).

Black glasses

liz claiborne

The Fashionable at Work, Party Girl at Night Frames

You have already prepared the report your boss hasn’t even asked for yet and you know you’re ready to knock his/her socks off. That doesn’t mean, however, that once your presentation is done and the clock strikes 5…or 6…or even 7pm, you won’t be off to paint the town red. You go for modern shapes and geometric designs in expressive colors.

a.n.a glasses

Women's ANA Glasses

The Busy Mom or Dad

You keep your frames stylish but basic enough to not get disappointed every time your little one tears the frames off your face to test their flexibility…which is often a daily occurrence.

ANA Womens glasses

liz claiborne

The Weekend Warrior

Sure you might choose to vaguely blend in during your 9-5 but come Friday, the true outgoing fashionista in you shines bright like a diamond. You shake up your look depending on your mood and the occasion. And with a weekend maven like you, there is always an occasion.


liz claiborne

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