HD Lenses

Learn how HD Lenses for eyeglasses create the ultimate vision experience! Find just the right lens material for you and see how high-tech lens materials make your eyeglasses more comfortable.

HD Lenses are the ideal solution for people who are only near-sighted or far-sighted with or without Astigmatism. HD Lenses are available in progressive lenses too! The ideal solution for people who want to have a continuous combination of close-up and distance vision – all in one lens.

Get the breakdown on the types of HD lenses that JCPenney Optical offers. Listed by good, better, and best.

BEST – HDV Lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision

HD Best

Newest innovation in lens design technology

  • Widest fields of view for all distances – up to 40% larger clear fields of view
  • Delivers superior edge-to-edge clarity and superior visual acuity
  • Personalized for your prescription – Optics custom designed for your unique prescription requirements


HD Better

  • Increased distance
  • Large intermediate area
  • Wider near zone

GOOD – Instinctive┬«

HD Good

  • General all purpose lens
  • Fixed, entry level design