Progressive Lenses for Glasses

Progressive Lenses for glasses are a true multi-focal lens, providing vision correction for distance, near (reading) and ALL distances in between. Progressive Lenses have an invisible corridor of increasing power that leads from the distance portion of the lens down to the reading portion. The change in power is gradual and NOT obvious on the lens, hence Progressive Lenses are commonly referred to as “No-line bifocals” (provide a more youthful appearance, which is another reason they are so popular).

An added benefit to the vertical progression of powers in a Progressive Lens is that it feels natural to the eye, providing greater comfort to the wearer. First time wearers of Progressive Eyeglasses should be aware that there are limited areas of “soft focus” in the periphery of the lenses — to the left and right of the intermediate viewing zone, in particular. This is unavoidable when creating the vertical progression of powers of a progressive lens. But over the years, new manufacturing technology has made these areas less noticeable and Progressive Lenses for glasses remain the lens of choice for most multi-focal lens wearers.