Scratch Resistant Lenses for Glasses

Scratch Resistant Lenses for glasses are lenses on which a clear coating has been applied that improves the lenses’ resistance to abrasions and scratching. Scratch Coat is applied the exterior of the lenses, and will help extend the life of the lenses and protect your eyewear investment. It should be noted that No Eyeglass Lens Material (not even glass) is scratch-proof, and that no optical coating currently available can render Plastic Lenses scratch-proof. However, SCRATCH COAT does make the Lens’ surface MORE RESISTANT to the scratching that may occur during ordinary usage of eyeglasses. Our High Index and Polycarbonate Lenses come with built-in scratch-resistant coatings on both the front and back surfaces of the Lenses, and the Scratch Coat is included in the price of those Lenses. Even with Scratch Coat, ordinary care should be taken in cleaning and protecting your eyeglass lenses.