Anti-Reflective Lenses for Glasses

Anti-Reflective Lenses Coat is a thin, multi-layer film coating applied to the lens surfaces, which eliminates reflected glare and increases the transmission of visible light. (Typically, only about 90% of the light is transmitted through a lens.) This process adds to the production time in manufacturing the Anti-Reflective Coating Glasses, as each coating layer must dry and be inspected before the next layer can be applied. Each layer consists of metal oxides which create optical interference to counteract reflecting light waves and allows more light to be transmitted through the lens, and is scientifically engineered to work with a specific segment of the color spectrum. A very vague tint may appear on the Anti-Reflective lenses when examined closely under overhead lighting. Anti-Reflective Lenses Coat can be applied on lenses for regular eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, and is just as effective in either case.

Computer users, those who work under florescent lighting, or are bothered by on-coming headlights will see the benefits of an Anti-Reflective Coat. It also enhances the cosmetic appeal of your eyeglasses, as Anti-Reflective Lenses reduces light being reflected off of your lenses, so people viewing you see you and your eyes! It should be noted that since the Anti-Reflective Coat is applied to the exterior of the lenses, it requires special handling and cleaning to properly maintain it and avoid scratches. Always clean their Lenses ‘wet’ – never dry – using a recommended Liquid Lens Cleaner or very mild dish soap and water, along with a soft, clean Lens Cleaning Cloth. NEVER use harsh detergents, ammonia, or abrasive household cleaners or paper products when cleaning/drying Anti-Reflective Lenses Coated Lenses.