When is it time for a new pair of glasses?

Written by Lisa DiMauro | April 29th, 2016

squintingPerhaps I am the wrong person to ask because as far as I am concerned, the response is a clear and simple: often! However, I realize that because neither money nor glasses grows on trees – yes, I have checked multiple times – the following are simple rules to help guide you in answering that question in a more practical manner:

  • You find yourself squinting a whole lot more

That prescription you got at your last eye exam may be a bit outdated. If you find yourself squinting, leaning away, or struggling at all to see something you once saw fairly well, it’s time to go in for another checkup. If your frames are still ok, you can hold onto them and just switch out the lens.

  • You find yourself “putting your glasses back in place” several times a day

I remember I was at a meeting at work one day and my specs kept sliding down from the bridge of my nose. I was convinced my face had shrunk. Turns out, it is common for frames to get a bit warped, leading them to fall off your face. You can try going back to JCPenney Optical to get them adjusted. Keep in mind however, that this is only a temporary fix and you will eventually need to get new frames altogether.

  • You notice scratches on your lenses

There’s a reason you are instructed to use soft microfiber cloth and a special lens cleaner to clean your glasses. Though I try to take extra special care of my glasses, I am often guilty of cleaning them using my shirt, a Kleenex or whatever else I have on hand at the moment. Over time, this strips away the coating on the lenses and eventually leads to scratches and other marks. This, in turn, makes it harder to see clearly during important tasks such as driving. If you start noticing scratches on your lenses, this is a good time pay your local JCPenney Optical a visit!

  • The frames are starting to wear away

Exposure to the sun and oils on your skin has a tendency to damage the frame itself. As time goes on, the frames, particularly if they are plastic, slowly become corroded and can eventually break! It is best to get a new pair before your frames get to that point and it can happen anywhere, anytime without warning.


This particular rule is, of course, somewhat subjective. I am a firm believer that glasses are your most important accessory. They have the ability to alter and define who you are. In my opinion, it is the sole responsibility of your specs to make you feel like a super star, so if you don’t feel that way, then you know it is definitely time to get a new pair!

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