Spotlight on Ray Ban: The Face of Cool

Written by Lisa DiMauro | December 17th, 2015

Ray Ban

Ray Ban is a mix of a handful of vintage with a sprinkling of cool. And what’s better than being trendy without even trying. In the 1930s, Ray Ban created a pair of frames called Aviators to help pilots combat altitude sickness and other discomforts brought on by glare from the sun.

The brand really came to life in the 1950’s with the creation of wayfarers. Celebrities such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Bob Dylan rocked Ray Ban wayfarers, thereby catapulting the brand to stardom.

There are a myriad of characteristics that set Ray Ban apart from all others, not the least of which is the lightweight material which makes for a more comfortable wear. The strength of the various materials used such as titanium, carbon fiber, plastic and metal ensures durability in spite of the lightweight feature. In addition, the range of frame shapes offered provide a great fit for most faces.

When I put on my Ray Bans, I know that I am making a statement.The wayfarer and pilot shapes do not necessarily fit everyone. Luckily, Ray Ban offers a spectrum of traditionally shaped frames such as squares, ovals and rectangles.Here are some some top picks for our favorite styles. Click on each pair for more info!

312 The brand has also devised ways to alter a classic shape – the wayfarer – to appear a bit fuller which allows someone like me who doesn’t look great in the classic wayfarer to be able to comfortably wear them. The frames are also unisex across the board which means I can coax my husband into buying a pair I love so that I can borrow them from him later. And last but certainly not least, the timeless nature of the frames offer an element of nostalgia that simply makes me happy to wear them.

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