Beauty Tuesdays: Eye Love My Eyes

Written by Lisa DiMauro | December 1st, 2015


Makeup Hacks that will Rock your World

If you ever find yourself relying on your specs to make a fashion statement, I invite you to join the club. However, as my parents have always told me – “It’s what’s inside that really counts,” which I understand to mean you are absolutely not to put on a rockin’ pair of frames with anything less than a perfectly polished face. When reality is taken into consideration, however, it seems that most women always welcome an extra pointer or two on how to closer attain that perfect look. I can confidently count myself in that group. However, there are all sorts of tricks I have discovered along the way that I would love to share with you so that you too can feel put together without having to be a professional make up artist on call.

  • Mascara trick for wider eyesInstead of sweeping your mascara upwards, in the traditional manner, apply mascara toward your nose. This will make the lashes look fuller, which will, in turn, create the appearance of bigger eyes.attempt_1_croppedx
  • Use white liner to intensify eye shadow
    This is an awesome trick that I picked up from a dear friend who is a makeup artist. In order to intensify eye shadow, apply white eyeliner all over your eyelid. The white will help intensify the color.
  • Avoid mascara on upper eyelids by using a spoon
    Simply hold the rounded part of the spoon against the upper eyelid so that the excess mascara gets on the spoon!
  • Maintain the Perfect Lash Curl
    Use a blow dryer to heat the curler. As with any hair curling iron, the heat from the curler will help set the curl so that it lasts longer.
  • Plump up lashes with translucent powder
    Dust your lashes with some translucent powder in between coats. This will not only help the color adhere to the lashes, but will also create the appearance of fuller lashes. Sign me up!
  • Keep your mascara moist
    Mascaras tend to dry up pretty quickly. However, you can keep your favorite mascara moist and ready for application simply by adding a few drops of saline solution.

Those are all the hacks I’ve got for you right now! Stay tuned for more Beauty Tuesdays in the coming weeks!

Stay glassy,


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