Welcome to the world Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge!

Written by Lisa DiMauro | May 4th, 2015

Woohoo the royal baby has arrived! Unfortunately, with regard to her beautiful name, all my bets were totally off, but I can certainly say I will keep these names in my back pocket for future kids I may have. And that got me thinking about how much meaning there is to all our names. Some of us are named after great grandparents, admirable teachers and even close friends and neighbors. Regardless, there’s a fascinating story behind our names that uniquely contributes to who we are.

So, where does Princess Charlotte of Cambridge come from? I began to delve a bit deeper into the royal family and discovered a fascinating similarity among much of Princess Charlotte’s lineage. Can you guess the commonality? All the members on her father’s side, including dear old dad William, wear glasses! You can only imagine my excitement. Little Princess Charlotte is not only 4th in line to the throne, has an awesome set of handsome-looking parents who offer the world at her fingertips, but she has the opportunity to look even more beautiful than we all know she will be by donning royal specs…potentially even with a crown one day just like her granny!

Her father, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge has been spotted wearing a fashionable pair of eyeglasses on many occasions. Her grandfather, Prince Charles, was photographed in a pair of tortoise shell frames when he addressed a dinner at St. James Palace in 2011. Until then, he was presumed to have perfect vision, particularly given his history as a pilot in the Royal Navy. And last but certainly not least, her great-grandmother, Her Most Excellent Majesty Elizabeth the Second proudly displays her spectacles – together with crown and all! When she wore the Imperial State Crown to address Parliament, she reached right into her handbag to put out a pair of specs in order to read her speech. So, as I had always guessed, a great pair of eyeglasses can go with just about anything…even a royal crown!

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