Your Best Fit: Frames for your Complexion

Written by Lisa DiMauro | December 24th, 2014

Skin complexion

Your eye-wear of choice should complement your skin tone. Complexions fall into one of two categories – warm (yellow) and cold (blue). Each category has a variety of undertones associated with it. A cool complexion has pink, red or blue undertones. If you fall into this category, your skin appears pink or beige. If you were to look under your wrist, your veins would appear mostly blue. A warm complexion, on the other hand, has yellow, gold or peach undertones and the skin tone appears more golden. If you were to look under your wrist, your veins would appear green. Regardless of your coloring, let us help you pick the frames that best accentuate that gorgeous face of yours!

Light Skin Complexion

Light with Warm Undertones

Your best bet is to go for warm-toned neutrals such as blush or deeper shades like sangria.

Roberto Steffani
Roberto Steffani RS 146

Light with Cool Undertones

Your blue undertones will look best with rosy pinks or blues. Avoid yellowy greens and ambers.

Nicole Miller NM 07 Women's Eyeglasses
Nicole by Nicole Miller

Medium Skin Complexion

Medium with Warm Undertones

Your yellow/green undertones can be best accentuated by soft greens or other warm tones such as an amber.

arizona frames

Medium with Cool Undertones

Look for bluish greens or reds with a blue undertone.

Dereon frames

Deep Skin Complexion

Deep with Warm Undertones

You have the option to go bright with an orange or deep with a mahogany.

Lulu Guiness

Deep with Cool Undertones

Purples, blacks and dark greens will compliment your complexion.

liz claiborne
Liz Claiborne

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