Eye Routines to Improve Your Eyesight

Written by Lisa DiMauro | August 1st, 2014

Are you spending long hours staring into a computer screen? Staring at a computer can put strain on your eyes. It’s important to take a break and let your eyes rest. Just by closing your eyes for a few seconds, you can help relieve eyestrain. Here are a few eye routines that you should test out:

cucumbers on eyes

Treat your eyes to a warm compress to relax.
Doing this at least once a week (or daily!) can help relieve eyestrain. Give yourself a facial massage while you have the compress over your face. Use circular motions. Try massaging your temples and your eyebrows. Gently massage your eye lids.

Sometimes we may get way into a movie scene or a paper we are writing on our computer – but remember to blink!
If you are not blinking you are letting your eyes drain of moister. Blink away! This will bring moister back to your eyes immediately. Your eyes, much like your body, need to relax. After an hour of working on your computer, take a break. Close your eyes for 15-30 seconds to give your eyes a refresh.

Just like exercising your body – it is also important to exercise your eyes.
Your eyes can become strained for multiple reasons – especially if you sit at a computer all day. To avoid strain of the eyes, give your eyes a workout. Move your eyes up, down, and to the sides to help keep them flexible. Roll your eyes around clockwise, then counterclockwise. Try this about 5-10 times. Then without moving your head, try spelling out words with your eyes.

Computer Tip.
Lower the monitor brightness on your computer screen to help relieve eyestrain. The brightness of your computer can be overbearing to your eyesight.

Strengthen your focus.
Stare at an object that is some distance from you. Then focus on a closer object. The purpose of this exercise is to improve your focusing abilities. Try doing this 10 times.

Take a break.
Relax and place cucumber slices on your eyes. The cucumbers have a natural anti-inflammatory effect, which will reduce any puffiness in your eyes. Additionally, it has a high water content that will help hydrate your eyes.

Wash your contacts.
If you are a contact lens wearer, it is important that you clean them properly. Dispose of contacts when necessary. To learn more about contacts, click here.

Sleep is the most essential way to let your body heal.
Always get 8 hours of sleep! The more sleep you get, the better rest and relaxed you will feel.

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