With Transitions Lenses, gone are the days of changing eyewear each time you go from indoors to outdoors. These lenses change from light to dark according to the amount of UV exposure, and, while they are virtually clear indoors they become sunglasses outdoors. Transitions Lenses for glasses also adjust their tint according to the light levels indoors. They will provide the perfect measure of relief in well-lit rooms or offices. Most users report that they barely notice the change but do notice their increased level of comfort and protection in a variety of settings!

Transitions Lenses for glasses provide excellent comfort in vision, protection from harmful UV rays and the convenience of never having to change glasses when frequently changing settings. Available in gray and brown tints, Transitions Lenses are available in most prescriptions and are compatible with all frame styles including rimless.

It is important to note that for users who drive for long periods of time, most car windshield manufacturers put UV block in their product. This reduction of exposure to UV rays when behind the steering wheel prevents Transition Lenses from fully changing to their darkest tint, so prescription sunglasses for driving are recommended. Also, in extreme temperatures these lenses will not get as dark as most sunglasses, so bring along a pair of sunglasses in those instances.