VIRAL: What Color is This Dress?

Written by Lisa DiMauro | February 27th, 2015

black and blue white and gold dressEye test! What color is this dress?

This viral photo has been making it’s waves across social media. So what color is it? Some people are interpreting it as white and gold, whereas others are seeing black and blue. While some are seeing both.

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Night Vision Problems While Driving

Written by Lisa DiMauro | February 24th, 2015

Night Driving Vision Woes

If you experience vision issues at night – such as blurriness, glare and multiple images – while seemingly having great eyesight in the daytime, you are not alone. Vision problems at night, particularly while driving, are prevalent among the general population. We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Mubashra Tahir and Dr. Andrew Bock – two awesome optometrists who practice at JCP Optical locations across the country – to gain a more thorough understanding of how to deal with such issues.

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How To Take The Best Selfie

Written by Lisa DiMauro | January 23rd, 2015

In 2013, to no one’s surprise, the word SELFIE was proclaimed word of the year. As 2015 kicks into high gear, the term selfie shows no signs of slowing down. It is impressive to see that not only is the selfie still around, but it has gained even more momentum and has brought to the table new variations such as the ussie, the felfie, and my personal favorite, the belfie.

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Are you a Synesthete?

Written by Lisa DiMauro | January 16th, 2015

What is Synesthete?

Synesthesia is a unique neurological condition in which one sense, for example, hearing, is simultaneously perceived as if by one or more additional senses such as sight. An example of a synesthetic perception is when a person sees a certain color in response to a letter, a number or a name. For instance, one might see the word “dog” as green, or the number “9” as pink. Some people also report hearing sounds in response to smell.

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